BLM (bureau of land management)


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Dec 23, 2005
Cape Cod
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I remember going out west to Utah and NM and staying a few nights on BLM land. We would camp and would fire a few rounds off now and then for target. Even shoot at at night. It was mostly a camping experience.

Anyone know of places like this in NE?
I wish. In Ohio, the Division of Wildlife has public gun ranges. You get a permit like a hunting license. I think it was 15 bucks a year, and then you could use thier ranges. And the permets were to partially offset the cost of the shooting range attendant, restroom facilities, maintenance, trash removal, and improvements.

And they were NICE!

Too bad that they can't do that up here.
Yeah, I know of places like that, right here in New England. You just have to look for them, and pay close attention when looking.Sometimes, it's folks other than BLM that manage them.
I've never heard the term BLM associated with New England and I've lived here all my life. I've only heard of it out West.

We have State Parks and some National Forests (but relatively rare). Most similar land seems to be local (city/town) Conservation Land (which at least in Eastern MA seems to be "no guns").

I'd love to be proven wrong. Anyone know of anything in MA or Southern NH. We spent most of last year trying to organize a NES shoot in Southern NH, looking for open land that we could shoot at . . . and we found nothing that any NES'r knew about.
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