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Arms Sales Soar - In a foreign land...


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Jan 14, 2011
Back from Motherland
that article is full of fail. Taliban and the "freedom fighters" are the same goat ****ers and will fight anyone or anything out of boredom.


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Jul 25, 2005
that article is full of fail. Taliban and the "freedom fighters" are the same goat ****ers and will fight anyone or anything out of boredom.

With all due respect, where's the "fail"? The article isn't about the distinction between the Taliban and "freedom fighters". I don't think "freedom fighters" are even mentioned. And even if the article did say that, I think we all agree that the Taliban calling themselves "freedom fighters" would be a sick joke. But that's not what the article is about.

I posted the article because I thought it showed how average, every day citizens in a country about as different from ours as you could ever find, are turning in times of worry to arming themselves. How people in a foreign land are seeking to exercise the most precious of human rights, the right of self-defense, by arming themselves. Just like us. And what I found to be even more interesting was that the article shows that people there aren't just arming themselves out of fear of crime and lawlessness, but they're arming themselves because they fear the possible return of an oppressive government. (i.e., the Taliban). Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Just a few samples:

On arming themselves because of fear of crime:

"hiding what he hopes will keep loved ones safe"

"More people are buying weapons now, some to protect themselves from kidnappers and robbers and others in anticipation of things getting worse," said a Kabul resident in his fruit shop.

"In my area there are lots of kidnappings, robbery and other criminal activities and also lots of fear of 2014," said Shir Ali, speaking in his pharmacy in northern Kunduz Province. "I bought this very expensive Kalashnikov to protest (sic) my family."

And on arming themselves because of the fear of an opressive government

"Most don't want the Taliban to return, so they are determined to protect themselves."

Also, I thought it was an interesting parallel that the article mentioned the recent skyrocketing in prices of guns given these concerns and the difficulty in obtaining them.
The information in the article about the country's gun registry was also something I thought that those of us that worry about such things here would find interesting.

So there was what I thought was a lot of interesting, relevant information here for the average NES'r and 2A supporter, the most interesting being that it shows that average, every day folks like us, even though they're from such a different place, want to exercise their right to self-protection from both criminals and governments by arming themselves.
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