Anyone have tower experience ?

Feb 16, 2012
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I have 3 sections of Rohn 25 tower, and am looking for the best info for its location and design for putting it up.
No first hand experience, but their website has pretty detailed instructions on what you need for concrete, guying, etc. I think the rule of thumb is to set it up where it can't fall on anything. Or at least anything you don't want a tower falling on. But three sections is not crazy.
I was looking at a tower on a fire station today and I'm sure the base was anchored, then they had it anchored to the building about 1/2 to 2/3 of the way up, then free from there. Probably a good 20-30' above the highest anchor point. I couldn't see well but there was a big honking vertical on top.

I have someone threatening to give me a 36' tower and it's good to know anchoring it to the house (and ground) would probably serve all of my guying needs.
You can safely erect 30+- feet of Rohn 25 without guy wires as long as you don't overload it with large antenna/s with high wind loads. A vertical or three has very little wind loading.

Safely anchoring to a building is going to depend on the construction of the building. Lag bolts going into siding and OSB or solid board sheathing is not adequate.
It should be through bolted to 2X lumber, attached to the framing members inside the wall at or near the top plate of the wall to spread any lateral load for maximum strength. Towers do move and twist in the wind however slightly and will eventually work poor attaching hardware loose.

If you're only going to use 36' and a few VHF/UHF antennas, and maybe a center point for a dipole, you should be fine with a concrete base and house bracket that's properly secured.

Remember to place it away from power lines (including the service drop if present) to provide an adequate potential fall zone if it ever came down in high winds. Double the height of the antenna away is usually a standard safe distance if you can achieve it.
Thanks for the advice, I definitely want a beam and rotator up there, so it sounds like I need guy wires.

I’ll start planning it out for a spring install.
I know this is too late, but I just wanted to brag.. It's a Ham trait.
I've had my (used) 3 sections of rusting Rohn 25 tower up around 50 years. It came with a base-plate, wall bracket and the top was set up with a rotor plate etc.
I once had a Mosley Tri-bander beam up there. Then UHF & VHF CP Yagis on a sat tracking rig. Nowadays It's got 1090 & 915 Mhz verticals and TV up there.
There were holes in the base plate, so I hammered in some long (5 feet maybe) steel (copper plated) Ground rods to keep the base stable. Long lag bolts into the house have held up well.
I've been up there a few times this year and it's still solid as a rock.

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