Ammo Sales in MA.


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Mar 18, 2005
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Hope everyone heard the story in the news on Monday about the sale of wine in states, MA. included. Mass had barred the sale of wine from a vineyard or distributors by mail or internet sales as being unlawful. NOW the highest court in the land has ruled that to be against the interstate commerce laws and Mass resident can now buy wine by mail or internet and have it delivered to there home. They must be lawful able to receive the wine as being over 21 years of age. NOW sound like the ammo ruling that the AG has come up with ?????
This might be a way for GOAL or the ammo sellers to correct this wrong being done to us by the AG. ( Big Bully Reilly) The AG restricting ammo sales to us Massachusetts residents over 21 and lawful able to posses ammo is in violation of interstate commerce. ( In my humble opinion)
Dan in Boston
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