Is this ammo collectible?


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Nov 1, 2005
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I don’t collect ammo I just shoot it. However, years ago I came into box of ammo and used it at a cowboy shoot, and a fellow shooter was shocked that I shot a classic box of shotgun shells. To me it was just ammo.

So before I send this down the pipe of my 1911s is this something collectible? It was part of a trade I did last summer. To me it’s just something to shoot.

IMG_9387.jpeg IMG_9388.jpeg IMG_9404.jpeg or is it just ammo?
anything is collectable. you just need another person to agree. me, it's ammo. i've blasted my way thru many a "collectable" box or two in my life.
Might have had a very slight premium previously as a display piece, but the scratched out lot number eliminates that angle. It’s utility ammo. I’d also plan on a FTF or two. Could be corrosive too, TW stopped in ‘54, but this lot had the units digit removed tough to know.
I still have a few of the clear box of 25 count of Black Talon in .45 and 9mm, I just don't know what to do with them. 🤔
Those old boxes look good as background when photographing guns. And I like collecting the black talon rounds. Prices wise not really much of a premium though.
I know there's some ammo guys around that could tell you definitively, but I think that ammo was made in 1955.
That plant was built in 1941, but wasnt named "Twin City Arsenal" until 1946. And then they closed in 1960. So, if the number designates the last digit of the year, I'd say it has to be 1955.

There is slight collector value to someone who wants usgi ammo from every plant, or a cold war collector, etc.
Hold on to anything long enough it will be collectable, I have a few full wood boxes of Winchester primers from the 1890’s
All a matter of how long you want to wait
TW 5 headstamp - Twin Cities Arsenal production 1955. Anything post Korean War could be considered Vietnam era collectible. Sort of like an old silver pre-1964 quarter. It would be worth 25¢ face value, but more in melt but some would hold onto it just because it's cool.
You can but new production .45ACP anytime but surplus stuff - well you know it's almost all gone.
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