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7.62 X .39 Ammo gone?

May 8, 2005
In the Great Smoky Mountains
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I know there have been rumors about this drying up. Everybody says it's a myth. But I was at FS last week and he only had one case left and I bought it. Carl at the time tried to find more from the distributors. Today this is posted on the FS website.

RUSSIAN 7.62x39mm ammo

We are temporarily out of this caliber. We are trying to find some but it has been scarce.

Do you think this is a temporary supply problem or something more significant? :eek:
Let's see now, the World's most popular centerfire rifle ammo drying up?

Not likely, but apparently, Midway is out of stock of Wolf, but they're allowing backorders. That means, they've likely got it on Back Order.


I think you'll find it to be a rumour, nothing more.

Barnaul is hard to get right now, since they're concentrating on some of their domestic (for them) military contracts.
I am sellingmy ammo. I am getting rid of my ak. I have good ammo.
PMC Brass 7.62 x 39 Midway sells 1 box of 20 for $6.69 or 500 rnds for $153. I'll do 500 for $150. I am selling all I have. I am not "breaking it up". I only have 500 rnds to sell

Midways link

edit sorry I have 480 rnds
The gunshow ammo guy (Steve?) has some at the Big E. Unfortunately I don't recall how much but at least 10-15,000 rounds of bulk pack.
Got some WOLF 7.62X39 yesterday at Collectors in Stoneham. FSG was still out but Carl was "on the phone trying to order some".
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