Mar 1, 2005
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Looking for the best deal on 5.56 in Ma [!] It's getting costly going to the range. spent 109.00 for 500rds of Federal 55grain today!
Usually Four Seasons Firearms has the best deals in MA. Take a look at their website:


There are a number of .223 offerings listed. Nothing is cheap, and it is my understanding from a dealer/distributor on another list, there is allegedly a shortage of .223 in the commercial market due to the war effort. Skyrocketing fuel costs will also result in drastic increases in shipping costs very shortly, making a high price of today look like a bargain in another month or two!
Greg said:
Riley's in Hooksett NH usually has good deals,not too far of a drive either.I am pretty sure they are open Sundays also.Last time I was there it was $2.50 for a box of federal.

but i need some now!

We aren't going to be reading about in you in newspaper tomorrow are we ? :p

[lol] [lol] [lol]
spent 109.00 for 500rds of Federal 55grain today!

Yes Please!
$109/500rds of Federal 5.56 sounds just about right...

I'm also looking for another Yugo $K$ in Cosmo for $129 if you see one.
I'm waiting on the pandemonium a great "Karma" thread could cause if necro-posted, or maybe a "Monthly Giveaway"...
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