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  • Hey MassMark, how you been? Haven't heard from you in a while and your PM space is maxed out. BTW, I Changed my screen name again.

    Just left the store, i forgot to mention to you how strange it is that more people arent joining my membership thread. Gotta be some good noobs out there...

    Thanks for the reps point today!! I hope you had a great day!!

    Take care, Scott
    Thanks for the rep point. I'm afraid that I waited too long for the injection, so I am on oral anti-viral meds. Appreciate your kind thoughts and words.
    Hey Mark! That was one hell of a snow storm! Whats your Saturday looking like? Any chance you'd be free in the am to meet at the range?
    Thanks for the link on the leupold, I'm looking at that one or the Leatherwood CMR. Either way, it'll be a 30 mm so I'm going to want to pick up that mount from you.
    Thanks Mark!
    Is it illegal to have non pre ban 30rd magazines? I have a friend that is willing to ship me new ones from New Orleans....
    Hey, It was fun going on the DC trip with you. It was a pleaysure to meet everyone and I would like to find out more about the diet you told me about. Tom
    Hanging in Mark, thanks! Trying to take it a day at a time and staying positive.

    Thank you fifty times for the .38 brass (found it last night). It's much appreciated.

    thanks for all the help at the range yesterday, and for letting me pop a few shots with your 38. im gonna try to find one of those m16 carriers and in regards to the ak sight, i really dont understand much about it, i gotta study it more. i'll see ya around.
    i read on a thread dicks offers a discount coupons for members of sportsmans clubs. i am a member of the lee sportsmans club, would i be able to cash in on that deal? you know how much ammo i buy haha. let me know thanks.

    Hey Mark! It was GREAT to FINALY meet you at the car shoot. Your SOCOM is WAY cooler than mine I am gonna have to get a Troy MCS of my own. Thanks for letting me put a few rounds down range with yours, it shoots right where its pointed!

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