2020 Camp Perry National Matches cancelled

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Mar 31, 2008
deep dark exact spot in hell
After thoughtful consideration and reflection, the Board of Directors of the Civilian Marksmanship Program announces the cancellation of the 2020 National Matches at Camp Perry.

"This decision was not arrived at lightly, but was prompted by restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. These matches date back to 1903 and have been held at Camp Perry since 1906," said Judith Legerski, CMP Board Chairman.

"The health and safety of our competitors, participants, vendors, military support, volunteers and staff members is of the upmost importance -- overriding even the historical imperative of maintaining the continuity of the Matches," agreed Legerski, with Chief Operating Officer Mark Johnson and Programs Chief Christie Sewell.

"We were unable to come up with a manner in which we could safely produce the Matches. Housing and pit duty were amongst the many insurmountable problems faced by the CMP Board," Legerski explained.

The CMP looks forward to the 2021 National Matches at Camp Perry as the best marksmanship celebration ever! In the meantime, please stay safe and healthy at home, as we prepare for the new normal ahead of us.

All CMP operations have been shut down since mid-March and a full resumption of business remains undetermined. Full refunds will be made to those who have already registered.


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Jan 6, 2013
gayer than AIDS.

this was going to be my first year attending.

SUPER glad I spent all that dough on equipment to compete!

Canceling a mid-July event at this point is full chickensh!t.


I was giving Perry some serious consideration this year and was planning on going all out to prep for the Roosevelt Cup (Krags & 1903's - no 03A3's).

And why did you spend dough on equipment so soon? You know CMP is going to change the rules so that you will need different equipment. [pot]

Well, at least all of my reloading is done for the 2021 season :)

What? Better get crackin'. Camp Perry Countdown meter shows only 444 days left until it starts! [rofl]
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