Worcester Pistol & Rifle Club - Pin Shoot May 17

Hard to say which caliber is better. It's a combination of speed and accuracy. A 45 will knock the pins off the table further, but can you maintain accuracy and shoot 45 fast as 9? First magazine is loaded with 6 rounds (to be fair to revolver shooters) and additional mags are loaded to capacity. I typically use my G17 with Warren Tactical sights (fiber optic front, blacked out rear) w/ 9mm 124g JHP handloads. There's every from 44 mag revolvers to 22's.

4 shooters go to the line at a time. Two shooters on the left and two shooters on the right are paired against each other. The two shooters that win that round go to the next winners round. Without writing a book, winners go up against the other winners and the "losers" go against the other "losers". So even if you get beat on your first or second time to the line, you will shoot at least a couple times during each of the 3 matches.

First match is 20ft, 2nd match is 25ft, 3rd is 30ft.

They mix it up. For example:
20ft we do 3 tenpins on the table with a second tier of 3 candlepins that are cut in half. Have to take out the 3 candle pins first.
25 ft may be a mix of pins and you have to take them out in a certain order.
30ft has 6 mixed pins and a steel plate for the last shot. Having 7 targets forces a reload.

It's a good time. From first timers to guys that are awesome, we all have fun. A little competition, some ribbing, shooting the sh*t about guns with people you haven't met before.

Usually wrapped up by 3pm.
The winners are: First match Michael Chludenski, Second Match Shaun Schlechte and Third Match Mike Barker. Thanks Mike, Shaun, Jay and Alan for helping. Next Match is Sunday June 28th.
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