USPSA Match -- Manville, RI 7/16

Oct 31, 2005
Spooner Street
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Manville Sportsman's Club
High St., Manville, RI 02838

Starting Time: 9:30AM Squadded (for Pete)

Contact: Paul Taylor (401) 828-7132 (1-8pm weekdays, all day weekends)

Map and Directions: Take Rt 95 south to Rt 295 south to Rt146 north. Take right at traffic light, towards Manville. Proceed approximately 1 mile to High St. on the right. Entrance is between stone pillars, club is at the end of High St.
I'm only going to watch.
I plan on seeing the Lion King beat Supermatt (unless the Great Dandini shows up!)[crying]


Dan S,
where's Hamar?
We need more old school people...........
Thanks for posting the time cause you know I would have asked... LOL I usually check on the USPSA website but you never know if someone decides to change the start time without posting it.

I'll be there for sure.

I'm here. I had a set back and my ability to walk halfway decent has only just returned. I am not able to run yet. It's tough to walk or run if you cant feel your leg from the knee down........I'll be back at some point. I just dont know when......
9X21 said:
I'm only going to watch.
I plan on seeing the Lion King beat Supermatt (unless the Great Dandini shows up!)[crying]


Dan S,
where's Hamar?
We need more old school people...........

You're going to watch?????? I've known you too long to believe that. Maybe you should take out that Bedell limited gun and give it a try, even if it is minor. Sometimes a little change is good, not to mention fun.
you know me well, I'm not really going to watch!
Too soon for Limited, I'll give it a go after AWARE............

get better soon.

I didn't make it today. Went out with the wife last night for a date and didn't get in until late. I woke up this morning and went back to sleep... OOPS!!!! Now I'm feeling guilty and mad at myself. Oh well I hope every has fun today.

Pete, no big deal, it's not like you have a lot invested equipment. [smile] Bad one to miss, next weekend you'll be frustrated.

It was hot but went quickly. SuperMoto and MAShooter smoked the classifier. Dave did a turn and draw on two poppers and three paper in 3.36 seconds!

Scores are on their way.
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Scores are done
Thankfully Pete is still dating, even after he's married, so i had one less scoresheet to do.
We are going to raise the price next month to $1000 per person so we can put an air conditioned dome up.
So Save your money
Fun match. It was nice to have it move so quickly, especially in the heat. It was fun shooting my .45 for a change. I think it's older than some of the shooters yesterday :)
Pete needs to get his priorities in order!
Dan S said:
Pete needs to get his priorities in order!

Believe me I'm kicking myself in the Arse still!!!! I have a wedding to go to this weekend in New Jersey and there's no match the following weekend. Maybe I can get some shotgun shell holders and shoot the shotgun match at Harvard that weekend?

The date with my wife was nice though. The 111 Chop House is the best steak house I ever ate at... If you're ever in Worcester and feel like a great meal you should check it out.

What do you need for the shotgun match? You can always get a bandoleer / belt for shells. Not the latest trick of the week, but they hold a bunch and do work....( an old school piece of equipment) :)
Dan S said:
Why was your gun apart?

I field stripped the gun that morning to give it a quick cleaning, since it had not been cleaned in a bit. When putting it back together, I did not push the slide stop pin all the way in. It caused a nice jam in the beginning part of the stage

Then I tried to make up the lost time by shooting over my head, got flustered, couldn't see the sights, fumbled a reload and had a few mike
With a .45, if you don't have time to do a proper cleaning, just oil it, and shoot it. It's amazing how for giving they are.
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