USPSA Match -- Manville, RI 5/21

Oct 31, 2005
Spooner Street
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Manville Sportsman's Club
High St., Manville, RI 02838
Starting Time: 9:30AM Squadded
Contact: Paul Taylor (401) 828-7132 (1-8pm weekdays, all day weekends)
Map and Directions: Take Rt 95 south to Rt 295 south to Rt146 north. Take right at traffic light, towards Manville. Proceed approximately 1 mile to High St. on the right. Entrance is between stone pillars, club is at the end of High St.
Thank you very much to the Betsy, Dan, and the other Harvard shooters that did the stages at Manville. They were really good.

Thanks ahead of time to Matt for doing the scores as always.
I wish I could have made it. I currently dont walk to great. My two herniated discs are acting up real bad. I'm trying to take it easy so I can heal up for the area 7.
Great match today... Too bad I shot the worst match ever!!! HAHA That's my fault though. I'm afraid to see the results after how I shot. The stages were fun and it was a great time as usual.

Dan S said:
"C" class Steve????? Not for long unless you sandbag!!! LOL

Strong/weak hand shooting kills me on Open classifiers. A lot of the speed shoots classifiers have crazy high hit factors too. Give me some of the longer range standards, I'll move up.

Thanks. I got a little lucky though. Matt would have crushed us as usual if he didn't have two small gun stoppages on high point stages. Denton just missed with a few mental mistakes but pushed the usual fast pace. The Limited guys were right on our tails the whole match too. Obviously, Mark Agerholm shot really well to beat us all on another squad. On our squad, Scott Botelho and Dave Bold (MAShooter) were putting up times with their Limited guns that were just as fast or faster than the Open guns. I was much happier in having no mikes or deltas than I was in any of my times, it was a first for me.
GTOShootr said:
BTW, Supermoto cleaned up in Limited 10 again. Do me a favor and take your time getting that Open gun together! [wink]

I was telling a friend that when I get the open gun, I will practice for awhile before I compete, because I feel that shooting limited L-10 help me be a better shooter in the long run. He said, as soon as I get the shorty, I'll never pick up the L-10 again. I think he's right[smile]

This match, I felt I shot slow, I was seeing my front sight well and except for stage 2, things went as planned.

But mental, I don't know where my head was
I left stuff behind on every stage
stage 1.. left the mag brush.. found it
stage 2 .. left my timer.. got it back
stage 4 left my holster, mags and belt... Friend found it for me

Got home, told the wife... she asked if I remember to bring the gun home and I had to run to the safe and double check[rolleyes]
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Supermoto said:
He said, as soon as I get the shorty, I'll never pick up the L-10 again. I think he's right[smile]

Some people do. I like to mix it up and keep it interesting to avoid burnout. I've got a CZ I'm going to try in Production as soon as I feel a little tired of Open again.

Leaving a gun at the range? Whenever I've seen that happen friends have always been nice enough to pick it up and store it in their bag, and then procede to bust balls a little. I've stopped and checked for my bag in the trunk a few times on the way home . Your brain is going a 100mph thinking about that last stage and then that sinking feeling hits you.
Finally back here now that i've got a computer that is about as fast as I was on Sunday, a blazing 200mhz, congrats to you Steve, you deserve it, consistently good performances will win you more than you think (but not if I can help it)
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