Two types of .38 special self defense ammo versus a Turnip


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Aug 29, 2008
South Shore, MA
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I was looking for a pumpkin, but they're out of season now.

I tried out two types of self defense ammo for my 1943 S/W Victory revolver.

#1: Liberty Civil Defense 50 grain (yes, fifty) frangible hollow point, at 1,500fps

#2: Hornady Critical Defense 110 grain jacketed hollow point with ftx, at 1,010fps

The first round was the Liberty. The box advertises 1500fps, 250fpe@25M, 12" penetration at 10ft, reduced recoil, deep cavity projectile. Recoil was slight at 15 feet. The turnip suffered a 4 inch by half inch circular hunk blown off at the point of impact. Remember turnips are solid throughout. The equal and opposite reaction of force ejected the turnip from the berm and it rolled down the hill almost to where I was standing. There were stress cracks around the area of impact, but there was no exit hole, nor did I feel any break in the skin at the back.

The second round was the Hornady. I rotated the turnip to a clean side; I forget if it was 90 or 180 degrees. The box only states 1,010fps at 50 yards. This shot blew the turnip in half.

This test was probably not valid as I should have used two turnips, but I was impressed with the Liberty ammo.


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