WTS Tire Mounting machine & tire balance machine

Mar 19, 2009
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Location :Amesbury, MA

Description :
1) Coats 40-40SA single post tire machine.
2) Bear tire balancer

Moving to NH and losing my 4 car garage Both still work great even though machines are older and show their age, but these are still desirable due the the strength and ease of use. I've used these a lot in the 9 years since I bought them from a shop going out of business.
The Coats could use a full cleaning and rust preventative treatment, parts are still available, even though I have not had to change out anything. Only needs a new lube brush (I've been using a foam paint brush for the last 2 years)
The Bear works great but has a few LED (or whatever they are) on the display out. Still works, just need to pay attention.

Accessories :
Coats has almost all the accessories needed:post extension, ally wheel softeners, etc.
Bear has lots of stick on weights, a ton of various hammer on, weight tool, and adapters for almost all wheel types.

Selling Terms : as is, must pick,up in northeast MA- heavy, trailer recommended. Listing here before going to CL and dealing with the fools!

Price : Selling as a set for $600 , pretty firm they will move on CL at this price (4 for mounter/ 2 for balancer). Not really looking for trades but I will entertain trades ( moving to NH so no more AG list bs)

Contact Information: I will keep listing up to date, so still available if still listed.

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