Threat Dynamics

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Apr 20, 2008
North Central MA

Recently while visiting family in the Portland Oregon area my son-in-law took me to Threat Dynamics in Tualatin, OR for an awesome afternoon of shooting - shooting like I've never experienced before. Threat Dynamics provides what they call immersive small arms training. They use dynamic software designed for law enforcement training and make it available for civilian use. They put you in real-life scenarios to allow you to see how well you react. They supply Glock 19s which have been modified to use compressed air to cycle the action and lasers so the computer can see where your shots hit.

There are single screen simulators and an exciting 300 degree arena (pictured above) where you can see how alert and aware you really are. They have hundreds of scenarios that provide an experience far-far above anything I have experienced before.

Their website is .

If you are in the Portland, OR area, I suggest you look them up. I had an awesome time and learned a lot.
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