Strandstar Laser Bore sighter

I was at the range before hunting season, and there were a couple of guys trying to use these to sight in their rifles. The problem, is that during the times that the range was open, you could not see the laser even at the 50yd mark. I guess if you talked to the RO at your range, he wouldn't mind you staying after dusk to check the sights as long as you don't fire.

You may also want to check other sources. I have seen them before where you buy the laser diode, and you can get the case modules to put it in for different calibers.

Do it inside the house and put the cross hairs on the laser dot on the wall. It won't be perfect but it will save you tons of time when you finally sight in the scope properly.

They don't work well outside.
You wouldn't be able to use this method on most semi-auto's but on the AK you could if you field stripped it. You can simply look straight down the bore at a target, and adjust the scope to the picture you see through the bore. You would then be close enough on your zero to fine tune it with a couple adjustments.

This method works well on most bolt action rifles where you can simply remove the bolt.

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