Springfield SOCOM 16 with Harris Bipod

Nov 14, 2005
Boston Area
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Just got this excellent Springfield Armory SOCOM 16 (through Northeast Shooters, user Supermoto A+++) and I wanted to add a bipod without getting that whole ugly/heavy rail system that comes with the SOCOM II. So I installed a QD Stud through the weep hole (after some work) and it looks perfect, can't even tell I did something. Instead of a weep hole, now there is a threaded hole which takes the stud, used a #2R if anyone wants to know.




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niiiiice...i love the looks of the socom and have wanted to get one forever but i'm more of a pistol grip kinda guy...i prefer the AR/AK platform...ive seen the knew pistol gripped stocks they have for the socom and theyre horrid looking...maybe ill break down and buy 1 of these just for the hell of it...give us a range report soon
I've shot it

Oh, I've gone through about 80 rounds so far, and I love it. It has a huge noise, but you really can't hear it when you are firing it. But the people next to you sure can. The kick is extremely light, and the trigger is pretty decent for a two stage military style. I have had 2 failures so far, both due to user error. I had a failure to feed because i didn't click the magazine in all the way one time, didn't strip next round. I had a failure to fire because I eased the bolt forward instead of letting it slam, and it must not have been fully in battery or something, there was no mark on primer. Both times, i just stopped doing that, and it has been ultra reliable.

I'm not any good shot with rifles, but even I can get 2-3" MOA at 100 yards I think. I spend most of my time shooting at skeet/trap clays at that range, so I don't really know about grouping, but I can usually hit them with 1 shot (hoping to make that usual into always with the bipod and better scope rings, more training).

I recommend it, its a really nice rifle, well balanced. If you want have very small groupings at ranges beyond 100 yards, stay away. Obviously, the reciever is not bedded to stock, so you just aren't going to see spectacular accuracy like you would with a full size M1A National Match or bolt action Remington 700. But if you are at 100 yards, want something accurate, fast, and decent for CQB ,and want a round that has true put down power, get the SOCOM. At 100 yards using surplus ammo, this thing split a 5" thick piece of hard rock in half like no problem.
@#$! I thought this was a classified ad. Awesome rifle. I'll be getting a scout ASAP.

If you want a pistol grip, they're out there. You can put one on the SOCOM because it has a muzzle break. Look up SAGE and McMillan.

Ha, in all fairness, they aren't moving at the time, just laying against the 100+ yard backdrop berm of the rifle range.
When the bipod is on, is the front sling swivel still there? Well, I guess it's not really a swivel cause it doesn't swivel. But you know what I mean. I can't tell from the photos. Do you have to remove it before the bipod goes on? Can you use the sling while the bipod is on there? How quick to attach/detach the bipod?
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Still there

Hard to see in photos, but the sling swivel is still there. I didn't want to alter the rifle in any way, if I ever want to sell it (which I don't, but who knows what the future holds). So the sling swivel is on there, right behind the thumbscrew which stops the bipod from swiveling (its the type that allows a cant). It seems the Harris is just the perfect size, just bearly clears the sling swivel with the legs of the bipod, but it can still cant.

The bipod is extremely easy to remove, takes about 30 seconds. There is a thumbscrew on the bottom which pulls the bipod base into the rifle by pulling down on the QD stud. You losen the thumbscrew, it releases the QD stud, and the whole thing comes off. You are left with a the QD stud sticking out of the stock a little, but it actually unscrews, at which point there is nothing showing. Instead of an open weep hole, i have a screw hole there because the QD flange (Harris #2R)I installed on the inside of the stock fills the hole completely.

Oh, in the top photo you can see the sling swivel, the sling is attached to it the very bottom. That sling attaches to the swivel, and then wraps around the front barrel, you can see the sling swivel right behind bipod base, with the green sling looped around it tightly.
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