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Nov 18, 2005
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Ok guys, I know there was a thread at one point a while back about spotting scopes, but even with searching the forum, I can't for the life of me find it...

So, I'm interested in purchasing a spotting scope...I don't need and/or want to spend a whole lotta money, as I'm sure there are pretty nice ones out there for under $200 or so. I see that Four Seasons has a Winchester setup for $150...Any good? Any recommendations?
Depends on your use of it. For general range use at 100yds, any old scope will do. If you want to see .22 holes at 200yds, you need to start up-grading in quality (and even that doesn't happen all the time). For NRA Highpower, start thinking ruggedness (things have a habit of getting knocked over). Price-wise, you can spend $100 to $1500.

I have a Zhumell scope. I think I paid $300 for it. It is a direct copy of the Kowa TSN scope and takes Kowa eyepieces and covers. It works well for Highpower, but for general range use, it's a bit big.
I had to borrow another shooter's BSA scope to spot while mine was being used by a shooter. Optically, it wasn't that bad and probably cheap.
OK, I'm going to admit that finding this gem was NOT easy, even with the Search feature. Remembering a keyword of "Celestron" was the "magic bullet" to finding the prior post.

Lots of good info there on an excellent scope that you won't need a small mortgage to purchase. Please continue discussion there and I'm locking this thread.

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