Slew of Chilling Armed Robberies Around Temple University in Philly

My regional director lives in what he said used to be an upscale part of Philly. I saw him last week when he came to town to meet with some clients with some of us in my office. He had a huge black eye with stitches across his forehead. He went for a morning run, came back to his place and a couple of yutes kicked the shit out of him in front of his condo building. They got his phone and his AirPods and ran off. Before he left he told me that he would be seeing us in Boston more because he has family in Maine and will be moving there.
Best city in America!

aka the "City of Brotherly Love" (that slogan didn't age well)
Also the carjacking capital of the US.
BTW, Temple University is Bill Cosbys Alma Mater and they later gave him an honorary doctorate. (which also didn't age well)

I still can't believe my wife's cousin (a woman) lives willingly in Kensington. Have you seen any of the video out of there in Philly? It's bad! And no, she's not a junkie. Though she is an insane libtard.
My son went to school at Drexel, lived and worked in Philly for 5-6 years and the crime got him to move 10 miles out to the suburbs. A couple of months ago, his local CVS was cleared out by organized gangs, and now he is a resident of St. Pete FL.
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