WTS SK 3/4 Drive socket set w/ wrenches [lower price]


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Jul 9, 2009
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I copy and pasted this from the craigslist ad.

This is a 3/4 drive SK socket set from 7/8 to 2-1/4 sockets and wrenches from 5/8—1-1/2. 1-3/16 is missing and 15/16 has been replaced with a craftsman wrench. There are 2 other Craftsman wrenches that are not replacements they are just additions to the set. The sockets are all SK except for one Black Hawk which is an additional socket.
The sockets, ratchet wrench, extensions and T-bar are in perfect condition 100% original condition. The wrenches from 1 inch up do have some rust damage. All are 100% mechanically sound and functional. This is a working man’s toolset. If you are collector and want to sit these tools in a pretty toolbox this is not for you. If you work on bulldozers, class 8, class 7 trucks, tractors, anything heavy duty this is the socket and wrench set for you. 100% American made and ready to go to work. $500 or B.R.O.

If the wrenches were in the same condition as the sockets I would be asking $1300 for the set. Check online for just the socket set pricing. Just the sockets, the ratchet, the extensions and the T-bar are going for $1200 online new today. These tools are 50+ years old. Vintage as the day they were born. These are a proud addition to anybody’s toolbox, especially an old timer like myself. My father owned these tools before I was born. These tools built many bridges and buildings you see today in New England. Some of them do show ware from working on skyscrapers and the mystic Tobin Bridge. These are real tools from a real working man’s toolbox.

I do have the original SK toolbox for this set in green as it was purchased brand new. The toolbox is in rough shape. The bottom has rust. If you’re a detailed oriented person you could weld in a new bottom and use it for another 50 years. I also have the tool tray to hold the sockets. The tool tray is in good condition and can be used as is. You are welcome to those two items for free with the purchase of the set.

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