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SIG Academy Close Quarters Pistol Operator

Discussion in 'Training' started by MaverickNH, Feb 5, 2019.

  1. MaverickNH

    MaverickNH NES Member

    Nov 24, 2005
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    SIG Academy Close Quarters Pistol Operator on 3 Feb 2019 was attended by 8 students, including 6 men and 2 women, one MA cop and two security people from religious facilities (one Jewish and one Christian). We had three instructors, including two former SF/LEO and one LEO.

    Little talk up front - intros established no newbies in the mix so we went to the Indoor Rifle Range from the classroom and started with Blue Guns to work retention drills, shooting from close retention and shooting from getting knocked on your *ss. There was some FoF work on retention, which is always tricky in a random student population. Coming from a Martial Arts background, we teach drills where there is an attacker and a defender, each playing their parts. I often find that random students drills end up with defenders who try to “get the jump” on the attacker - of course you know I’m coming up from behind to try and grab your gun - that’s the drill. It doesn’t help if you leap away before I can grab your holstered gun - you know I’m coming. That’s not the drill. You let me get a grab on your holstered gun and *then* start the drill. Sheesh...

    All shooting was done on targets point blank and 3-7yd. The *hard* drill was grabbing your own gun very tightly and tucked in close, right hand on grip and left clamped over muzzle and slide to prevent cycling, and firing point blank. Then step back while tap/rack clearing the spent brass that didn’t eject, and being ready to fire again. The blast is *significant* with a 9mm and more with 45acp. There was blood from sharp guns tearing flesh if you didn’t clamp right enough to prevent cycling, and blood even if you did, but less. This was a class where you might get a boo-boo but the instructors kept tight control on firearms safety. I emerged with a few contusions and lacerations, not to mention sore muscles from wrestling with Blue Guns. At 60 I ain’t no Spring Chicken, but I’m still an ornery cuss when I gotta be.

    A lot more moving lateral and in arcs while shooting from 3-7yd. Failure drills 3-7yd. All timed to push speed while staying on the 8in COM ring. Some shooting from supine while rising to feet, to teach getting knocked down and fighting back up. Without shooting your foot.

    A good course with the usually excellent cadre of SIG instructors.
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  2. Dradian


    Mar 25, 2011
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    Goffstown, NH
    Thanks for the detailed review. The wife and I are taking another sig handgun course this weekend. Maybe I should put this one on my list as well.

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