Reworked Colt!

Greg Derr

Gun Smith
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Aug 15, 2005
This project started as an Colt Series set up for bullseye shooting. It had a BoMar style rib attached with four screws by drilling and tapping the slide. The rib was removed and the holes plugged and welded up my great welder " Metalsmith" Front serrations were added to the front strap to match the Colt MSH. New sight cuts for a Novak Tritium front sight and a 10-8 "U" notch rear sight. The slide was tightened and a new EGW thick flange bushing added to the barrel for better accuracy. A new CMC grip safety was fit and blended to the frame. The trigger group is Wilson sear and hammer. The trigger is Nighthawk. Grips are custom made from "Raptor" carbon fiber by Cap in Ohio. A high bevel and French cuts were added to the slide. The finish is blue to match the orginal Colt.

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