Renewals - ME NR Permit to Carry Concealed Firearms

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Feb 26, 2005
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It appears that ME does not notify us when a NR permit is close to expiration. I just noticed that mine expires in less than 2 months.

I recommend doing this 3 months early as there is no grace period. Go to the state's website and DL the application form and fill it out and send it in with your check and photo for renewals.
Amen! I noticed my Maine NR license would expire in May during early April and sent in my renewal application the next day. It really is a pain in the a** that they take so long to process the new ID. That and the snotty tone on the application noting that if you hadn't submitted a change of address after moving your current license was void. Plus for out-of-staters there is no break on the fee for a renewal. It's the same amount as for an original issue. The least they could do is send out a post card indicating your license is about to expire!

On the other hand some states are amazingly prompt. My Connecticut and Utah NR renewals came back in under two weeks! Why can't every state be like that? Better yet, why don't we have nationwide carry privileges for the bona fide license issued by any state?
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Oops! I owe a big apology to the licensing unit at the Maine State Police. I guess I spoke too soon. My NR renewal came back in under three weeks. That's like greased lightning compared to Massachusetts!!
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