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Renaissance Firearms-Rochester, NH

Mar 23, 2006
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Renaissance Firearms in Rochester, NH is great. They have good prices and the folks that work there are really knowledgable. Their new and used gun prices are very reasonable too.
Been to Rochester a bunch of times, and never heard of it (actually lived there for a short time). What is the shop address? I still have relatives in the area, and it would be nice to have a stop along the way.

It's actually in Gonic, but Gonic is really Rochester I guess. Here is a link:
Straight up 125N past the lights in Barrington where 9 and 125 intersect. Keep going N, go through the next set of lights, keep going straight until you get to the next set of lights. Take a right, go to the end of the short street, take a right at the stop sign. Go straight through town and on the left you will see Renaissance Firearms and Renaissance Signs. They are a Beretta dealer. Good guys.
Renaissance Firearms

Ernie Shipman has been a very big supporter of our club. His pricing is fair and he can get you most anything very quickly.[smile]
He is a great guy. I am there at least 2 times a week. I have purchased several handguns there in the past 2 months and his prices have been much better than KTP.
What a great shop

I stopped by as I saw they are a Sako and Benelli Dealer. I picked up a Sako TRG 22 at a great price and it was in stock, new in box. Ernie was very friendly and knowledable. Took the time to assemble and show me a couple beutiful Benelli shotguns as well. The shop is a drive for me, but I am very glad I stopped by. For the items I was interested in his prices were very good. Noticed he had a good amount of mil surp ammo if your into that as well...Soon as he has another M4 come in I think I'll be heading back again [grin]
Ernie is topnotch. I have bought a bunch from him and will do so for Christmas again. He is worth the drive.
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