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Feb 26, 2005
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I (and some other readers) have noticed MASSIVE "thread drift" where a particular thread drifts so far off-topic that we have a hard time figuring out what the topic was originally about.

PLEASE try very hard to NOT allow/contribute to "thread drift". Please create a new topic in the appropriate forum and discuss whatever there?

For the Search tool on the forum to be useful and for members to be able to determine their interest level from the Subject of the original message in a thread, it is imperative that we all do a lot better job of "policing" ourselves and try to minimize thread drift.

Thanks for your cooperation, all of us will appreciate it.

Please Cooperate!

Time to Re-iterate this!

I have heard from a few forum members that tell me that they are finding it VERY DIFFICULT to find useful info due to the MASSIVE thread drift in technical threads. The thread on the Marlboro gun show is the worst example of this . . . 11 pages and growing, much of the last 3-4 pages are totally irrelevant!

PLEASE, PLEASE try to contain it! Use the "Off-Topic" Forum for the banter, create a thread there and refer to it in a Technical thread if you feel the need (but ID it as off-topic).

Nobody should have to ferret thru page after page of jokes and barbs in a technical topic. Please show respect for your fellow forum members.

Thank you from ALL the Mods!
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