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Mar 31, 2006
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Does anyone have any load data for RL22 other than magnum loads? I use it for 300WM and was curious if it can be used for .308 or 7.5 Swiss.
R22 is a very slow powder. I use it for 6.5/284 but my guess is that you would only use it in a 308 for a very heavy bullet with a very long barrel. Something like a 220gr projectile or heavier. You would never get good velocity with a 150gr bullet. Sierra 5th edition doesn’t even list it for .308

What is the application you are using the rifle for?

I read some articles about some guys using RL-22 in 25-06, 30-06 and 6.5x55. In 30-06 an African game hunter used 60grs with 180gr Partition bullets and claimed good success. It's all I use for the 300WM and was curious if this powder could be used in 8x57, 7.5 Swiss or .308. The application would be hunting and maybe target.

I buy RL-22 in bulk so I'm looking for more options for it. I usually have 4-5 different powders on hand and would like to narrow that down. H4350 and 4895 seem pretty versitile.
I’m sure that you can reload it for those cartridges, but there are lots better choices. If you are hunting your going to want to get the maximum velocity so your trajectories are flat. You wouldn’t get that with R22 in those cases. I couldn’t tell you what kind of velocity you would get, but if they are not listed in most reloading manuals, there is probably a reason (like it just doesn’t generate good velocities with typical bullet weights)

I think if you are trying to narrow down the types of powder you use. 4350 or 4064 would be better choices for the non magnums if you are using medium or heavy projectiles. If you want to get the best performance from your reloading, I would just use the recommendations for hunting loads and accuracy loads in the Sierra manual. It’s application specific and it is usually best to match the right powder with the case and the bullet.


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