NY Semi-Automatic Rifle License that goes into effect in 9/22?


Mar 9, 2022
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I’m sue thiis has already been challenged in court - or will be soon - but working at a Big Box Firearms Counter, I’d like to get a jump on the particulars.
Yes thankfully I can go to the Arsenal factory and get a "tourist discount" SAM7R milled ak47. Probably not like new york, I hear in America people, like 16 year old kids can go to a store and buy a machine gun. That's what the news says.
Your news sources in Bulgaria are about as accurate as ours. Our “Main stream media” in US would like you to believe that guns are given out like candy. EVERYONE buying a firearm gets an FBI background check. Some states require age 21 for both rifles and handguns. Others 18 & 21. September NY goes to age 21 and require a license for semiautomatic rifles. We already require a license to own a pistol minimum age 21
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