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Newbie here and went green!

Dec 19, 2014
Somerville, MA
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Hi everyone! I heard a lot of good things about this site so I just joined and went green. Here's a little about myself and my experience. Im 38 I got my LTC with restrictions when I 21 but never owned a gun until I renewed this past July and got a Class- No Restrictions. Since then, I go the range about once a week. I love shooting and bought 3 guns and own a M&P 9c, M&P40, and a Glock 23 Gen3. I carry everyday. I learned it can be an addictive and expensive hobby but fun one and I like it. I still consider myself a novice with lots to learn so I apologize in advance for all the questions haha. That's all for now, Happy Holidays Everyone!
Welcome....now its time to start building an ar 15 lol. Its hard to pass up on all the group buys they have :)
Welcome - be sure to check out the Karma give-aways and the group buys!
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