WTB Need some hired muscle with FID/LTCs


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May 17, 2008
I am doing a major renovation/addition on the house and need to clear out two out buildings. One of which has my ammo. Normally I would have done it myself but ruptured a disk 5 weeks ago. The timing here is comical.

Tried to do some of it this morning and nada. So, my pain is someone's gain. I need someone with some form of MA FID/LTC to move my ammo to it's temporary home, on same property. Either one night this week or Sunday the 17th some time. $15 an hour.
In addition, I need two people who can help move the rest of the stuff into a POD in my driveway after the ammo is situated. $15 an hour, but need two people. PM me if interested. Located on the North Shore.

just looking for two people who can do the larger moves now if anyone is interested.
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