Louisville police respond to active shooting, LMPD officers say 'multiple casualties': Five people are killed in mass shooting at bank

Is this person a tranny? Or is this person a guy? If he’s a guy, of course his pronouns are he/him. Did any of you pass elementary school English class?
Of kourse wi did. But we didn’t need f***ing pronouns to tell the men from the women because we weren’t retarded, so there’s that.
So... another


I think inflation and infrastructure, fentanyl, attacks from terrorists are a bigger concern.
Its about control... also we all have sad times.. But I don't understand why someone goes nuts like this without a severe mental illness.. makes you wonder if someone else is involved as in radicalization of these shooters. The guy worked in finance.. how could his life be that bad... then again some people can't handle anything.

Edit: Bank/finance Security is ridiculous. I used to deliver food when I got cancelled from working the floor as a nurse.. census based staffing long story short... I used to deliver to a large NC bank building. Unarmed "Security".. a joke and 1970s style building with multiple entrances.

“Aside from federal laws that prohibit gun purchases by people with convicted felonies, there are no Kentucky laws that prohibit gun purchases to state residents who have mental health disorders, violent misdemeanor convictions, domestic abuse-related restraining orders, or anyone with substance abuse disorders.”
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