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WTS Lot of Playstation 2 Games $60

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Oct 9, 2007
Location : Intersection of 95/495 in SE MA

Description : For sale is a lot of used Playstation 2 games. I am listing individual prices and will also offer a discount for the lot. These games have some surface scratches, but worked the last time I played them, many moons ago.

Grand Theft Auto 3 - 5 (also have a spare case and manual for this one)
Grand Theft Auto Vice City - 5
Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty (no manual) - 4
NFL GameDay 2001 - 5
Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 - 5
Tony Hawks Pro Skater 4 (no manual) - 4
Viewtiful Joe - 5
Gran Turismo 3 A-spec - 10
Time Splitters 2 - 5
Test Drive - 5
Max Payne - 5
NHL Hits 2002 - 5
Crash Bandicoot the Wrath of Cortex - 5

Accessories : None

Selling Terms : Cash, face to face

Price : $60 for the lot, negotiable.

Contact Information: PM is best

Pictures: (optional)

Statement of Legal compliance:
I will comply with all Federal and State Laws. If the firearm is to be shipped, you must provide me with a signed copy of your dealer's FFL (or your 03FFL if this is a Curio and Relic). For private party face-to-face transactions (only permitted by Fed law when both buyer and seller live in same state), I will meet all applicable state and federal laws.

When ammunition, magazines or other regulated items are sold/bought or traded as part of this transaction, I agree to follow all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations pertaining to these items.
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