Living Here in NH For Almost 10 Years, Finally Got Around To Putting An Antenna Up On My Roof


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May 14, 2008
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Sorry, not what you think, I put up a TV antenna. [laugh]

I got screwed over by DISH Network more than a year ago, they took Boston channels 7 and 25 off the channel lineup, and still haven't settled their dispute.
7 was my go-to place for local news, so I ended up going to their website instead, but 25 was a different issue, I haven't been able to watch The Simpsons or Family Guy for over a year, and I wasn't about to switch to cable or an online streaming service ($$$) just to get one channel.
But my biggest gripe was missing the entire first half of the NASCAR season. (the second half is aired on NBC and USA)

OTA never worked for me here in Southern NH with an indoor antenna, the aluminum siding on the house acted like a Faraday Cage.
I finally got a decent HDTV Yagi with a built-in rotor and amplifier, which I installed earlier today.
I wasn't really expecting much for only $35 off eBay, but I'm genuinely impressed with how well it works.
On channel 25 I get 65% signal with 100% quality, and the picture looks awesome on my 49" LG.
I also get the other Boston channels, and a whole bunch of extras that I didn't even know were out there OTA, like GRIT and METV.
I'm watching the Superbowl right now on channel 4, and I switched back and forth between the OTA and DISH inputs, the OTA signal is MUCH sharper looking, BIG difference.
I'm glad I got it done today, because snow is coming late tomorrow and Tuesday, and the Daytona 500 is next Sunday!

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