WTS Large collectible collection up for sale: Mainly Star Wars, but some Marvel, LOTR, and a few misc


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Mar 28, 2010
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The title says it, I have a rather large collection of items I'm looking to part with. I don't really want to let them go, but they just sit in storage taking up space. So I figured, I could turn the collectibles into cash which in turn would turn them into objects that throw dollar bills down range.

What I have is a collection of mainly Star Wars related collectibles. I am getting ready to throw things up on Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, and then eventually eBay. I will be also sharing the collection with some local comic and collectible shops that might be interested in the collection. I'm not in a rush to see them go. Below are some photos of the items I'm putting up for grabs. The full list of items can be found at this link - Collection

For the WWII collectors, I have a set of coins with the aircraft of WWII and a few other commemoritive coins. Check those out under Misc.

In regards to pricing. On the main page of the link, you will find an Excel sheet. In it is a list of all the items I'm selling, except for the comics. You will find a link to the photos of the item on the Excel sheet and the general pricing for the items. I did all my research for pricing via Worthpoint. If you're not familiar with the site, it's a price tracking site that gives you historical pricing for what these items sell for. On the Excel sheet, there are three prices, the most recent sold price, the highest price sold in the last year, and in some cases the asking price. If there is no asking price, then the asking price is the most recent sold price. The asking price is based on the average sold price. If you don't find any pricing on an item, it's because I'm probably just going to give it away for free, with the purchase of other items.

Comics, you will also find a comics folder. There will be lists of comics I'm looking to sell. I'm not selling individual books, you will need to take the whole series. However, I haven't gotten any pricing set on those yet.

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