WTS Klipsch legendary series KLF 20 (floor stand)and C-7 (center) Home Audio speakers


Jun 24, 2013
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These speakers are beautiful and in almost impeccable condition, seeing is believing. I am an audiophile and I know what passes for decent or perfect. The grills are in gorgeous shape, no holes or tears that I can note. The cabinets have a few chips at the corners , but that's about it. I keep them in a very good clean condition. As for performance? Well, drop by and find out. . If you know about speakers, you know these guys are hard to find, it's like Colt snake guns. Matching color is light oak, hard to come by. Not in a hurry to sell, but it's rare enough for you to snatch them.

I can NOT and will NOT ship these speakers. Due to the sheer size and weight, it is nearly impossible to ship them through normal methods. KLF 20 weigh up to 86LBS+ EACH, C-7 weights about 40 LBS. You probably can guess it's quality from how much it weights. Anyway for that reason I apologize in advance to those who want these but are too far away.

Price: $1200

PM is okay.

PS. Please don't low ball me.
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