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Mar 28, 2010
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Hello, fellow shooting enthusiasts,

Are you passionate about firearms and our nation's history? Project Appleseed might have the perfect opportunity for you! We're on the lookout for dedicated individuals to join our team of volunteer instructors, and we believe that the rewards of this role are truly unparalleled.

Becoming a Project Appleseed instructor is no walk in the park, but the journey is incredibly fulfilling. It's not just about teaching shooting skills; it's about connecting students with the rich history that shaped our country and preserving the ideals we hold dear. If you're up for the challenge, here's how you can become an instructor:

1. Attend at least two Appleseed events.
2. Achieve a score of 210 or better on the Appleseed Qualification Test (AQT) from multiple positions.

Our instructors play a crucial role in making Project Appleseed the success it is. The training and hands-on experience they provide create an unparalleled learning environment. But to earn the revered "Red Hat" of a full instructor, there are additional steps:

Instructor Training Requirements:
- Pass a series of five written, oral, and hands-on tests.
- Master the RWVA Instructor Manual and other training materials.
- Understudy other instructors at a minimum of five Appleseeds.
- Perform selected teaching duties under the supervision of a full instructor, including recounting the three-part history of the events of April 19, 1775.
- Master Appleseed’s safety protocols, ensuring the smooth running of a safe line.
- Demonstrate precise knowledge of Appleseed’s instructional method, covering proper positions, steady hold factors, natural point of aim, rifleman’s cadence, and the six steps of firing a shot.

Joining the ranks of Project Appleseed instructors means making a lasting impact on individuals and our communities. Our instructors are the backbone of our organization, and their dedication is what sets us apart.

If you're passionate about our mission but not quite ready to take on the full instructor role, consider joining Applecore.

As an Applecore member, you can assist with staff functions both at and away from shoots. This is a fantastic way to be involved without the added responsibility of working the line

Here's what you need to know about Applecore and the blue hat role:

Applecore/Blue Hat Responsibilities:
  • Assist with staff functions during events.
  • No requirement to work the line.
  • No need for a Rifleman patch.
  • A blue hat is not expected to work towards promotion but may become an Instructor-in-Training (IIT) at a later time.
Joining Applecore means being an integral part of the Project Appleseed community. Your assistance and support contribute to the success of our events and help us make a lasting impact.

If you're ready to take on the challenge and become part of a community that values both marksmanship and history, reply to this post or visit our website for more information. Let's work together to preserve our heritage and make a difference, one shot at a time!

Project Appleseed Instructor
Hey everyone, I'm thrilled to share some exciting updates from the NH Appleseed Cadra! 🍎💥

Over the weekend, we welcomed a new instructor into our ranks. After dedicated training and participation in numerous events as an Appleseed Instructor in Training, he has earned his well-deserved Red Hat! 🎉🎩

But wait, there's more! Since my last update, not one, not two, but three passionate individuals have stepped up to the plate and earned their Blue Hats. These heroes are now our invaluable Range Safety Officers, administrative, and setup/tear-down champions. 🏅💪

But guess what? We're not done yet! We're always on the lookout for enthusiastic folks who share our passion for heritage and marksmanship. If you've got that spark and want to join our incredible team, the first step is simple: attend one of our exciting events. ⚡

Got questions? Curious about how you can get involved? Drop me a line—I'm here to help! Let's make history together, one bullseye at a time! 🔥🎯
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