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Help us Please Defeat Gun grabber Eliot Engel

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Oct 5, 2006
new york
FINALLY – a true Second Amendment supporter to unseat gun-grabbing liberal incumbent Eliot Engel in New York’s 17th Congressional District!

Constitutional conservative Republican Anthony Melé is on a mission to unseat 11 term liberal Democratic incumbent Eliot Engel. Throughout his tenure in office, Engel has demonstrated time and again his contempt for our Second Amendment rights, voting time and again to strip us of its protections under our Constitution. Make no mistake: Eliot Engel will not stop until he and his fellow Left Wingers have confiscated every one of the firearms we have a Constitutional right to possess.

Future Congressman Anthony (Tony) Melé intends to stand up for our right to keep and bear arms. Tony is a:

· --Tea Party candidate for NY’s 17th Congressional District

· --Decorated military veteran

· --Global security expert

· --Counter-terrorism specialist

· --Staunch Constitutionalist

· --Proud NRA member

· --Unconditional supporter and proponent of our Second Amendment rights

Please consider helping Tony Melé ride the wave of the Tea Party movement to victory in the 17th Congressional District by supporting his bid to oust gun-grabbing incumbent Eliot Engel. With your help, Engel will be “packing” his bags!

For more information on Tea Party conservative Republican Anthony Melé, to volunteer your assistance and/or donate to his campaign, please visit his web site: www.meleforcongress.com
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