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Free LTC/FID Renewals at Age 70 - Issues

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Feb 26, 2005
MGL says that Residents (only, no break for NR LTCs) renewing (not original issue) LTC/FID at age 70 are to be free. However, some departments either don't know how to do this or claim the system won't let them. I investigated it and found that it really shouldn't be a problem. However there is a problem with poor wording of the statute (what's new?) that can lead to this problem . . . I'll discuss this below the answer I received from Michaela Dunne, FRB Director.

Apparently this issue is a "PD Policy Issue", as I am assured by Michaela that it is a drop-down menu of price options that the PD chooses from and MIRCS does not critique the number selected by the person making that choice. She told me that it is part of the training that FRB offers to those doing licensing, but it seems that many don't take the training.

The Law!
Well as Michaela pointed out to me, we pay an "application fee" not a license fee, and since in order to be legal and have a grace period, we really must apply PRIOR to our 70th birthday, we are not really 70 when we apply. So some PDs make a policy of charging on renewals that will take effect on their 70th birthday. As I've been told and heard many moons ago from other LE in the know, the law INTENDED to provide free licenses upon the person's 70th birthday, but was worded poorly resulting in this becoming a problem. So FRB will advise the PD (if asked) to process it as $0.00 fee even though the person isn't 70 when they file their application for renewal which is to take effect on their 70th birthday.
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