Five Police Officers Injured Following Car Chase and Stabbing in Taunton

I think it happened too quickly and in too small of a space. He probably made one revolution with the knife, ending with the Chief and then Chiefee tased him. I hope the slashed officer is OK and makes a full scar-free recovery. Damn.
Scar free is probably not going to happen. I still have a scar from when I cut my finger with a sharp woodworking tool 30 years ago. A knife wound requiring a med flight is probably going to leave a significant scar.
Yeah. He's white. And it was about 15 min from the time he mouthed off to the cop near Home Depot to where he sped past another cop further up 140, then rammed TWO police cars, made it all the way to Whittendon area, crashed the car, ran in and was apprehended.

I couldn't make that drive via the most direct route on a normal day in 15 min. They didn't shoot him b/c they didn't have time to shoot him. LOL

And the comments are already pouring in about how the only reason they didn't shoot him is because he's white.
He asserted his white privilege?!?!! Must pay a lot of taxes!
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