Durham Firearms & Knife Show 5/20 & 21

Dec 27, 2005
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OK here is the Durham Firearms & Knife show. At the Durham Fair grounds off rt17 Durham,Ct. on May 20 sat. 9am to 5pm & 21 Sun 9am to 3pm.

See you there!!!!
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The durham show wasn't too bad today there was a little of everything for everyone. As usual some prices were a little high but thats nothing unusual it seems to be the norm lately.

Yup I was on the wagon for almost two weeks but i have sinned, i'm off it now. At the Durham gun show there was a really pretty gal her first name is "Zastava" and her last name is "M 70" and her measurements are 32auto. I wanted a smaller cheap carry gun for hot weather(fishing).

It was really worth the trip today because the dealer I finally met sounds like I decent honest guy for doing transfers for me too on modern guns and the plus is he'll get me what i want, rather than dealing with the "dealers telling me to buy what they have in the stock". I really scored today its a win/win situation for the both of us he's going to make $$ and i'll get what i want too finally. I have talked with some rude guys and i have no clue why they open the doors for business everyday i can't figure it out. I haven't got my 1911a1 frame for my 45acp build yet because i couldn't find anyone who will order it for me go figure. Now i hope i have changed that situation with someone who is interested in doing business.
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