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Dec 16, 2007
Wyoming, Rhode Island
these are used dies. prices plus shipping unless listed otherwise, PM with questions or offers

650 conv 10MM, 40S&W #21120. this is new in box, I broke seal to be sure all there=$50.00 SOLD

40S&W/10MM Micro-adjustable taper crimp die # 31253 Like new in box=$40.00
40S&W/10MM competition-pro series die set, titanium carbide: 3 die set , FL sizer, competition seating die, profile crimp die, Might be never used, not sure, =$100.00 SOLD

30-30 Win. 2 die set, FL sizer and seating die=$25.00sold
38spl/357mag.bullet feed die #095331 like new=$25.00
40S&W/10MM bullet feed die#095332 like new=$25.00
.451/.452 bullet feed die#095334 like new=$25.00

7 MM Rem Mag. 2 die set, FL sizer and seating die with RCBS #4 shell holder=$25.00
30-06,308 win./307 win. neck expanding [M] die# 7349002 Like new= $20.00
30-30, 300 savage neck expanding [M] die# 7349003 like new=$20.00
222Rem/222rem mag/223 rem/22-250 neck expanding [M] die #7342097 like new=$20.00

45-70 3 die set, well used but work fine. No dipper or load data, does have shell holder $25.00 SHIPPEDsold
308 wIN. 2 die set, used but works well, no dipper, load data, will find a shell holder $17.00shippe
41 Mag. 3 die set with shell holder and powder dipper, no load data=$25.00 shipped

222 Rem. 2 die FL set with RCBS #10 shell holder , no box {seating die may be Lyman, it works} $25.00 shipped

270 Win short Mag. 2 die set #31301, FL sizing die and seating die. Like new in box=$25.00
222 Rem. Mag 2 die set #11001, FL sizer and seating die. Older set in green plastic box with rounded edges=$25.00
280 Rem. FL 2 die set #14001 with shell holder=$25.00
257 Wby mag FL 2 die set #12601 =$25.00
.45ACP/GAP?AUTO RIM taper crimp seater die #18962, looks never used=$15.00spf
.45 ACP/GAP/AUTO RIM carbide sizer # 18937, looks never used=$20.00spf
.40 S&W/10MM AUTO carbide sizer #22137, looks never used=$20.00
Bullet puller, This is like new in box, they come with out collets! I have 2 collets, 35/38 caliber and .45 caliber both new in package, all for $30.00+shippingsold
LOCK_OUT DIE #87540 Not sure how they work, looks new but not sure=$25.00sold
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