Connecticul USPSA Future?

Dec 7, 2005
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The Connecticut Sport Shooters have decided to call it quits at the end of this season. This obviously isn't good for the USPSA community, particularly those members in western New England and NY. Please don't start a discussion regarding canceled matches; that won't help address the possibilities of keeping USPSA matches in Connecticut.

CSS has a beautiful and supportive venue at the Hartford Gun Club. Typically, securing a venue is the most difficult part of establishing a USPSA club. Todd Muller has completed the herculean task of establishing CSS on the calendar. Before this venue is lost, are there competitors in the area who are willing to step-up and invest some time to keep the project alive?

The fundamental issue may be related to generating and maintaining a critical commodity - ... enthusiasm. Every club needs a "critical mass" of enthusiastic individuals who can keep the fire burning when individual members experience the normal highs-and-lows of involvement. Often, the critical mass requires only 2 people, so that each can support the other. But sometimes it takes 3, or 4, or whatever.

I don't know. Perhaps Todd has taken the pulse of competitors in the area and learned that this is the consensus. I just thought I'd toss this out in open space to see if there are others who want to make the effort to keep USPSA in Connecticut.
I have not shot USPSA at Hartford. What I have seen is a very hard working group dedicated to IDPA in that area. The possibility is they are spreading themselves a little thin. The same IDPA shooters are the SOs at S&W IDPA league. They have run steel challenge, three gun, and some ICORE at Hartford as well as the IDPA CT Ctate match. At you will see the schedule for that club.

As you say new blood to help is probably the problem and it is too bad to loose any clubs.

Too far for me but I hope they can survive.

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I believe I overheard Todd saying that he was only going to run mulitgun matches next year. Please note I said I BELIEVE I heard him saying that. That said, I shot both of his multigun matches to date. The first one was good, the second better. I fired almost 300 rounds of pistol, shotgun and rifle that day. The round count was pretty balance between firearms. The props were well done (battering ram on one door, using your shotgun to open another to name the standouts) Both matches have had over 60 shooters! I don't think his USPSA numbers are close to that. I guess he wants to concentrate on his successes, which the multigun has been.
I don't know how strong IDPA is down there, I think better turnout than USPSA.
Running matches isn't easy. It' often a job that gets more complaints than compliments. Not to mention the balancing between the rest of one's life, and one's hobby. His decision, I don't think was an easy one.
Todd's first multi gun match was awesome! I couldn't make the second one but apparently that was great too.
If that club "just" stuck with multi-gun that would be enough shooting and work for those involved. It's too bad to lose a USPSA club but if a multi-gun club develops, that is a pretty good trade-off!!
I'd be up for the multigun matches next year so long as they don't fall on the same weekend of the Harvard USPSA matches. I live a pretty good distance from there and getting there at 8AM is a little tough. Wish they would start at 9 instead of 8:30.
Life is full of choices! I live much closer to Harvard than Granby. I leave home before 6:00 to go to the Multigun Matches, the Blanchards live in Maine, and have shot there also.
Make your choice, shooting or sleeping.
From where I live it is a 2 hour ride to Granby. I will have to leave before 6 AM. I don't have a problem with that but being able to leave at 6:30 is much nicer is all I'm saying. I'll def. try some of the 3 gun matches next year if they still hold them. The matches this year always fell on the same day as Manville and I chose to shoot at Manville. Not because of the fact I can sleep later but mostly because I didn't have all my 3 gun gear. Now I have all the gear and don't have any excuses. So next year if they happen I will be there.

I just like to pull your chain!

If you were a hot chick I might have taken you up on that offer... LOL

But seriously, I hope they will be running the 3 gun matches next year. I'm going to focus on Pistol for the rest of this year and then next season focus more on the long guns. I would rather be good at 1 than marginal at 3.

I would rather be good at 3 than good at 1

I intend to be great at all 3 but I must focus my attention to becoming great at 1 before moving onto the next... Master 1 art at a time and be the best I can at that particular art before moving to the next.

Otherwise, I will only be marginal at all 3 when I could at least be extremely proficient at 1 and decent with the other 2. I guess it all goes back to my Martial Arts training.

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