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Watching this thread just to see if there are ANY good bolt action gun smiths around the area.

I have a couple that need the stock barrel broken loose and another that I’d like rebarreled
Bedding is old school. It's an art that few practice these days, because modern target rifles mostly use a chassis system.
Uh, really depends on how good of a target rifle you're referring to. Yes (chassis) for PRS-type and some tactical target rifles. No chassis for F-Class and Benchrest precision rifle builds. These extreme precision target rifles are pillar bedded almost exclusively.

Sorry, I don't know of any good gunsmiths in the New England area. Suggest you search this forum for references to short-range benchrest rifles/builds to see if you can find a contact. There are several other on-line resources that may also help (accurate shooter, shooters forum, benchrest, bullet central, etc.). Hopefully, an NES member who is a benchrester or F-Class competitor will chime in.
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The list of top gunsmiths on is not very up to date, but may be a starting point (Top Gunsmiths). Benchrest Central offers this list (BENCHREST CENTRAL - Gunsmiths). These are likely not local to you, but other than the recommendation in #5 above, I don't believe you're getting any leads. I've worked with GA Precision and they are really good - but their builds require many months and I don't know how willing they are to take on what you need.

I'm also not sure I understand your need specifically. You posted that your rifle already has three pillars (I presume the pillars themselves are bedded). So, perhaps you are only looking for a skim bedding to ensure the entire base of your action is in contact with the stock? I would presume most competent gunsmiths could handle that relatively minor work. Skim bedding is pretty easy, so you might also consider taking it on yourself? Anyway, hope you find what you are looking for.
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