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Another Britt

Dec 27, 2005
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I was offered a nice looking britt No1 MkIII 303 RFI 1955 in very good+ condition with matching numbers from what i can tell. The bore looks awesome too. I have a No1 MkIII from India already but this one is different. I don't know that much about them yet. I wasn't looking but it was offered to me. I'm just a sucker for a deal on a surplup.

What does the RFI stand for?

This one has a lot of stamps in the wood under the forearm on the stock and after the trigger guard. There's lots of markings in the wood.

on the forearm;
8/39 fraction, "X", "B", [p], "z", serial #8000x,

on the butt near the trigger guard;

"S", "TD", "TD4", 9/39 J,
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Enfields stamped RFI (Rifle Factory, Ishapore as pointed out by JonJ) are in fact stronger than most of the Brits. The Indians used better quality steel and better heat treating.
I hate to ask, but how much is he asking for it? IMO, that
has to be taken into account. I doubt that anyone but a hard-core
collector would spend $300 on the rifle, but at $50 even a casual shooter
would hop on it.

interestingly, the FN-FAL site has an enfield forum....that may be a good source of add'l info. i have it in another account, if you are interested (i have GOT to get a life).
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