Alderbrook sportsman, Littleton NH June 10/11. We have a new instructor and an instructor in training.


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Mar 28, 2010
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I messed up and forgot to post details for this event, but I had to share the news out of the event.


A great warm if initially damp late Spring weekend in the North Country as Appleseed returns for the first of three shoots at Alderbrook. 18 motivated shooters arrived for two days of shooting and history. The weather could not make up its mind on Saturday, alternating between rain and sun at about 15 minute intervals. all day. long. Canopies , rain gear, and towels were our friends!

After the safety brief, which included the Four Safety Rules, Making Your Rifle Safe, and Common Ammunition Difficulties, we got down to shooting the Redcoat / Hits Count target, taking an initial group assessment. The instruction commenced. We learned use of a sling as a shooting aid, prone position Steady Hold Factors, Six Steps of Firing the Shot, Natural Point of Aim (NPOA), Talking Targets, and Inches Minutes and Clicks (IMC). We practiced on the line, and did a trigger control exercise to learn our reset point. With lunch, we heard the First Strike of the Match. After lunch, Using IMC, we sighted in our rifles and worked on our groups. Then we learned the seated/kneeling positions, the standing position, and safe transitions using the Greencoat target . During breaks, we heard the second and third strikes of the match. As the day closed, we shot our afternoon Redcoat, and sure enough, our group score had doubled from the morning!

Sunday proved to be a gorgeous day with no hint of rain. After the safety rebrief, we shot our morning Redcoat and then got down to shooting the AQT target, with some drills mixed in.. Three new riflemen were made, including two first-time Appleseeders! During lunchtime we heard about some Dangerous Old Men and Dames. Come mid-afternoon, we shot our last Redcoat target (scores tripled from Saturday AM - this stuff WORKS!). segwayed to the Known Distance (KD) portion - first with a lecture, then shooting full-size targets at 100 and 200 yards. We saw the effect of bullet drop on point-of-impact, learned how to hold over to compensate, and applied it to score multiple hits at 200 yards with 22lr.

We wrapped up with a benediction and call to action. NHAlan, who did a fantastic job all weekend, earned his Red Hat, and Milo, who is a very committed Appleseeder, stepped up to take the Orange Hat! It was a great Weekend and lots of great outcomes.

I hope to see some of you at our next event!!!!!!
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