.458 socom barrel throat issue

Was the K31 a similar issue?
the .458 socom isn’t really an accuracy round. Although One thing I enjoy as a caster reloader is getting more performance in accuracy and ability to shoot more. I will give this upper a try and see if it’s fine. The throat looks sad but should be ok and may run cast without issues.sq
As I am typing this out i keep thinking of the lands and basics of a barrel. and second guess my thoughts of it being ok the way it is.
He should have re barreled the upper.
Yes , short , lead , throat
A friend of mine had machining issues with his Tromix .458 upper. I forget the exact issue but there was a problem chambering rounds. Possibly similar to OP's? Anyway, Tromix quickly corrected the problem or replaced- I can't remember which. Possible that this second hand barrel was a case of passing along a known problem?

I bought a Tromix barrel and bolt combo to build an upper for my SBR. No issues and it's run 100% since day one. I also have a Radical .458 upper that has been trouble free for years. I reload and shoot a lot of the Hornady #4500 300 grain JHP's. They are a bit on the stubby side but feed great for me.

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