WTS 35x12.5x15 Goodyear Wrangler MTR's and rims

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Dec 10, 2009
Douglas, MA
I have 4 MTR's and aluminum Black Rock Yuma wheels from a Jeep I bought that I don't need. I don't know exactly how many miles on them but they look new and still have the nubs on them. It has to be under 200 or so max. Rims have somew scratches but no rock rash.

Wheels 15x8 Black Rock Yuma's 5x5.5'' bolt pattern

Tires 35x12.5x15 Goodyear MTR's (the new style)


Located in Douglas, MA I travel for work quite a bit, I am working in Norwood right now so we might be able to meet for a FTF.

The only trade I might consider is:
Savage bolt gun in .223.
Glock 20 or 21.
A decent scope for .223 or .308 in the 4-16 range.
Large caliber wheel gun

I could add cash for the right deal

I will not separate, if you want one but not the other you can do it and sell what you don't want.

All applicable laws to be followed

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