12/24/20 - Virginia Democrats' push for assault weapon ban loses momentum


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Dec 19, 2005
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Virginia Democrats' push for assault weapon ban loses momentum | Fox News

Gov. Northam says decision to revisit a gun ban in 2021 would be 'up to the discretion of the legislature'
Virginia's Democrat-controlled Senate last January rejected Northam's bill to ban assault weapons, including some semiautomatic rifles, and voted to take up the matter again in a year.
Nearly one year later, Northam, whose term expires in 2022, told WRIC on Monday that he'll leave the decision to revisit a gun ban "up to the discretion of the legislature."
"Whatever they do, I’ll be supportive of," Northam said.
Northam called the proposed assault weapons ban "a campaign promise" that "a lot" of Democrats ran on.
"I think it was a large reason why the House switched from Republican control to Democratic control," he said. "That one bill on assault weapons didn't move forward, but six other pieces of legislation did and I think because of that Virginia is a safer state."
The Virginia governor signed a series of new gun laws in April targeting background check expansions, a cap on handgun sales, "red flag" laws, penalties for adults who allow children to handle firearms and rules for residents reporting stolen guns.
Starting on New Year's Day, Virginia will also require in-person training for concealed carry permits.....


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Jan 5, 2013
The entire house of delegates is up for re-election in Nov of 2021

As is the governor, lt gov and attourney general.......

AND a number of incumbent dems were defeated by republicans in special elections in 2020......I expect a lot of these people are spending time looking at their belly buttons.....


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Aug 23, 2018
That and the 20 thousand that showed up at the state house were very polite , the first time.

Lol still get a chuckle remembering when the news first cut to the guy walking around with a fifty cal and then pundits making note that many officers were probably looking down at their body armor wondering if it was rated properly now...
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