110 grain bullets and 30-06

I've used them in 308 a fair amount when I was a teenager and hunted woodchucks.

I suggest you consider 150 grain Sierra Match Kings and drop the velocity a little. You'll get better results, IMNSHO.
I've loaded 110 grain Sierra's in my .280 Rem. and dropped bullet on top of bullet at 100 yds. Knocks coyotes right over.
Haven't loaded for that gun in quite a few years, so I'd have to really dig for any data.
Personally, I wouldn't go with that light of a bullet. Have heard that the 125 grain bullets can be shot accurately, although I have never tried them. I shoot the 190SMK in my '06.

VihtaVuori Edition 6:
24,5" barrel 10" twist Hornady 110gr C.O.L. 2,919"
N-140 54,0gr 3038fps - 61,1gr 3425fps
N-540 55,4gr 3081fps - 63,0gr 3471fps
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