zero'd the stage - 32 shots fired, nobody hit...


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Feb 23, 2014
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A surveillance camera at a home on Manor near Puritan captured the chaos - shots coming from inside a car and from teens who were walking down the street.

The three teens who were walking were arrested at a home a few blocks away. Police say they found guns and ammunition, too.

"Two of the individuals are captured on video shooting weapons, and the third is seen as more of a lookout," said Detroit Police Capt. Philip Rodriguez.

Rodriquez said there was an exchange of words between the teens and the people in the car before the shooting started. Police believe someone in the car fired first before the teens returned bullets.
That's part of my target practice for gang bangers (need a better name) program. The better shots they are, the more bangers they kill and the less innocent bystanders hit, a win-win.
Just strolling down the street, minding your own business, pistol with 30rd magazine in hand, when this drive-by happens. What do you do? You shoot back!

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