You will all be proud


I was Republican for a few months before the last election, but then I switched back to Independant. Often the only important race is the primary, so being independant allows me to get in and vote for the lesser of several evils.
SiameseRat said:
My license and voter registration with my new name on them came in the mail today.

The voter registration says:
Your party affiliation has been changed from DEMOCRAT to LIBERTARIAN political designation.

Uh... is that legal in Somerville? (being a Libertarian, that is!)

and are you sure you want them to know? I'd be on the lookout for mobs with pitchforks and torches, if I was in your position! [roll]
yeah pitchforks and toches vs. guns.


[lol] [lol] Just let 'em try and burn me at the stake...

Besides, now I know the secret Libertarian hand signal it will be just like Jimmy Carter going in to rescue the Mason POW... I'll have backup. [lol]
no, I meant I got my drivers license with my new name, and at the RMV I also had to re-register to vote under my new name. So I got the registration confirmation letter. No card. I was just so excited to not be a Democrat anymore I didn't pay attention to how I was saying it [wink]
Actually there is (or at least there used to be) a card. They never gave them out in most cases, but were were doing a last minute trip to Barbados, our passports had expired, the new ones hadn't arrived yet and we needed something that would be accepted as proof of citizenship. That did the trick with a 15 minute stop at town hall.

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